Friday, April 22, 2011

Concert Devo

Before I headed to the library, I went downstairs to pick up a care package filled with fabulous jewelry and native Taiwanese treats from my parents.

The treat on the left is a traditional Taiwanese cookie-cake, called Fen Li Su, filled with pineapple jam. The treat on the right is a Taiwanese candy which was basically peanut clustered together in delicious nougat.

After spending a few hours in the library, all of the hard work and research left me aching for something to eat. Thus, I went to Tutor Hall Cafe and bought something light in anticipation for the Concert Committee Devo Dinner tonight at Casita Del Campo tonight. Since it was close to closing time (5 pm on Fridays), the best choice they had was chicken noodle soup.

Topped with some saltine crackers...

I only ate half since 1) it was wayyyyy to salty and 2) it was all broth! I really don't think I'll be buying soup from Tutor Hall again...

Luckily, my taste buds were saved a couple hours later with delicious Mexican food from Casita Del Campo in Silverlake.

After knocking back a margarita at AR's house (which was about an mile away form the restaurant), we loaded up three cars and headed over to the restaurants for our long awaited dinner.

Both the exterior and the interior were extremely adorable. I'm not able to go into too much detail about the exterior since it was night time, but the interior was FABULOUS. Colorful-- even in the dimly lit restaurant-- with paper flowers and paintings everywhere. Their tortilla chips were like pita chips-- thick, crunchy and fresh.

From Google Images

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of my meal at the restaurant but the portions were so huge (not to mention stuffing myself with chips and side salad prior to the entree) I was able to carry home at least two days worth of leftover fijita with spanish rice, refried beans, vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and beef.

For dessert, we order four plates of flan for the table. I've never had flan before but when I tasted this custardy-eggy-pudding dessert...

I realized I definitely had this before! I have to say I wasn't too much of a fan... but something about it made me kept eating more and more... :)

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