Friday, April 8, 2011

Sugar Crash

After OChem, AS took me to the beautiful Manhattan Beach for lunch. Even before we reached the city, AS knew where she wanted to take me-- her favorite Mexican place, El Tarasco.

The place was very small with an semi-open kitchen so the customers can see where the magic happens. Even though El Tarasco only had some counter space and bar stools, the lack of size definitely did not affect portion sizes nor the tastefulness of their entrees.

(Photo taken from Yelp)

I ordered the Jr. Super Deluxe Burrito which had ground beef, lettuce, rice, beans, melted cheese, guacamole, and sour cream...(is this really only the junior size?)

It also came with complimentary chips and salsa...

I basically ate the entire basket of chips (imagine the picture x3) so by the time I was done, I only had room for 1/2 of the burrito.

Next we went to downtown Manhattan Beach to check out some boutique shops.

Craving something sweet, we stopped at Manhattan Beach Creamy (also another recommendation by AS)...


 And split a tiramisu and frozen banana with dark chocolate and almond.


The tiramisu was perfect-- not too sweet, not too soggy. The frozen banana was as hard as a rock but after some thawing, it was just as good as the tiramisu. 

I ended up eating most of it :P

After some more browsing, we left Manhattan Beach, we headed back to campus. Before reaching the highway however, we made a little detour to Boba Loca for some milk tea.

 This one was so nice and BIG!

I ordered a taro milk tea (right) and AS ordered a coconut milk tea (left).

I thought the coconut milk tea was going to be weird but I actually ended up liking it better than the taro!

As of right now, I am definitely in a sugar crash. However, today's splurge was definitely worth it! Everything was so delicious and all I have to say for now is.... "I'll try to be healthier tomorrow" :).

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